I am looking for information about what are the limits There is no doubt that the joint stock companies play a major role in the new economy, and that the most important pillars and tools are stock, where they are from which to collect the maximum amount of money; because the capital fragmented into small stakes enable everyone to contribute to enabling the large capital aggregation and so you can engage in large projects. Dealing in the stock itísstanding on the founding shareholders of the company, it has become as a bargaining commercial financial trading between people widely, particularly in the global financial markets (SEC). exemples for investing in shares : Selection stock broker The choice of the stock broker vital as it gives you that in addition to the basic support in the purchase and sale of affordable service in terms of providing timely information and quick to respond to your requests and keep a good record of transactions and balances your wallet ... etc. And the broker earns from the investor for this service commission should be suitable equivalent market prices. In Saudi Arabia, the job of brokering limited to banks and all investors who trade stocks they should be handled through the Bank in any case. Banks charge a fee for providing this service represents a nominal percentage of the deal. However, with the implementation of the capital market system 2. Understanding your type of investment The risk relative matter Ttakhtlv from one person to another. It is important that the person understands the quality of the manner of its investment. Alhjomeon Investors tend to invest in high-risk stocks in search of high returns. 3. The difference between trading and investing (Trading vs. Investment) The investors who buy the stock in order to profit from short-term price fluctuations referred to as traders in stock market circles. And trying to take advantage of rolling price fluctuations that occur in the trading at frequent times. They are studying the market and the movements of stock carefully and act spontaneously to make a profit. Trading involves a great deal of speculation and therefore they are considered high risk. On the other hand, investors buy the stock a long-term orientation to gain capital growth and steady income. 4. informed on the developments of the companyís profits In order to be a successful investor, it is important to be aware of market sensitive information. Often investissement are affected by many different factors, including: Announcement profitability Dividend per share Announcement Directors / New appointments to the Board of Directors changed Acquisitions / mergers / strategic alliances Fluctuations in economic factors relating to the performance of the company Private sector news (or industry) Fluctuations in prices of key raw materials such as petroleum Regulatory developments that affect the market performance, including, for example, a change in the tax system ... etc. The investor must be aware of the factors described above, which can either be paid the share price up or drop him for the minimum Sunamganj, Bangladesh?
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