Ever wanted home surveillance software such as active webcam, surveillance DVR Ö etc. pysoft is your best source for home security. Active webcam for example, With this web camera software you can watch your cameras remotely using any Internet browser. Cam work as stealth webcam recorder. Produces MPEG-4 video Surveillance DVR - ready to use security system to simultaneously view and record unlimited number of cameras. Non-stop or motion-only recording. Remotely watch your cameras from most anywhere in the world Surveillance Services - online tools to build own Internet surveillance system in no time with few clicks of mouse And the prices range from 29 to 59 dollars at most, DVR software provides scheduled, continuous or activated upon motion detection video recording. You can monitor unlimited number of cameras, through Internet or on-site. When our surveillance software detects motion in the monitored area, it sounds alarm, e-mails captured images, or records video And you donít need a super power computer just 1GB of ram 40gb on hard drive and any kind of windows should do. You should defiantly try there software.
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